• Suitable for office environments and light industrial applications
  • Floor level or dado rail installation
  • Distribute power and data simultaneously in dedicated channels
  • Texture powder coated galvanised steel is RUST PROOF and available in a range of six attractive colours
  • Covers, Elbows, Tees and End Caps are colour matched for a professional finish
  • A comprehensive range of outlets and accessories are available
  • Separate services with drop in Duct Dividers
    Rivet assembly (TOX) - no spot welding for straighter lines and more accurate installation

No More pulling through
of cables:

all internal and external elbows are fitted AFTER the wiring is complete!

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AL8/1 & AL801 Aluminium
N8/1, P801 & P803
Platinum PVC
Execuduct PVC
Outlet Selection Guide

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Updated 2017/10/16