All Cabstrut Ducting, Splices and Accessories are prepunched with fixing holes that make installation a whole lot easier and quicker SAVING YOU TIME AND THAT MEANS MONEY!

Secondly NO POWER REQUIRED when running full lengths, just a rivet gun and the correct sized rivets.

And to make life even easier, the pre-punched holes are slotted so there's no need to struggle locating the rivet* especially when the duct isn't straight and level.

Comes as standard on: P8200 / P8300 / P8000 / P7810 / P9000 / P9800 / P9810

No pulling of cables necessary, all accessory covers are fitted after the wiring is complete!
Suitable for all reticulation including lighting
Can be customised for special projects
New universal splices suitable for all duct sizes from 76x50 to 127x100. Simply bend on site for smaller profiles.

Traditional U shaped FOLD-FROM-FLAT splices are also pre- TM punched and available as an option.

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Updated 2017/10/16